What if I gave everything away for free?

Another thought experiment. What if I gave everything away for free? Like permanently. I don’t charge for my financial organizing services. I put my writing on the internet for free – not just as a promotional exercise but as a permanent model.

A potentially real consequence is I would soon have a gasoline-less vehicle that I’d be sleeping in since I couldn’t pay rent. That’s one scenario. And the most terrifying. Or I could sponge off relatives while they gradually build suppressed resentment toward me and me toward them.

But what if people paid me even if I didn’t demand it? An assumption that there are people who value other’s work and feel that payment is a fair trade. And if some people paid me, would I continue to provide services to the people who decide not to pay? Wouldn’t I prioritize the paying clients? Alas, the draw of a real bed to sleep in and a dishwasher are strong.

Another consideration – would I still do what I’m doing now if no one paid me for it? Yes, some people need my services and value them, which provides me with meaningful work. And meaningful work provides me with purpose. But the landlord still expects money.

I can’t give it all away for free.

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