Energetic Audit

I’ve become a little obsessed. I am really intrigued at how mental and physical energy levels ebb and flow during the course of a day. And the book by Daniel Pink – When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing really fed my obsession. (and for you Whovians out there, that’s not Clara’s Danny Pink…)

When working with clients, I include an ‘energetic audit’ – because everyone loves an audit! But seriously, I want them to become more aware of how their energy changes during the course of a day. When are they most productive for particular tasks? How much energy do they have to spend each day? Should they take naps? Would they work better in a more social setting?

My hope with this exercise is that my clients have enough flexibility in their schedule to accommodate more personally productive strategies. But alas, some of these ideas are downright heresy in certain workplaces. Most businesses are still mired in regularity-seeking structures as to absolve managers of management responsibilities.

Geez, what a downer. How did this become a rant against corporate America? Say something upbeat. Some audits are helpful – they can help you optimize your productivity. Yay audits!!! Ok, too far.

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