Procrastination: The Insidious Destroyer

FAQ: “I have a problem with procrastination. How do I keep it from affecting my work?”

Procrastination is insidious. Sure, we first think of those mesmerizing time-drains like Facebook and YouTube as feeding Procrastination. But it can also masquerade as ‘busyness’ – loading our schedule with unimportant tasks that seem important.

Regardless of how it manifests, the problem is you. You are avoiding something, and those lovely time-drains are just enablers.

Well, the answer is that you need more willpower to resist Procrastination’s temptations you hopeless @#$%^&.


Here is a more constructive approach.

Procrastination usually arises from either:
a) not wanting to do something or
b) not knowing what to do

The solution for a) Next time you have a task or project* you are avoiding, ask yourself, “Do I want to do this? Why not?”. Be honest – with yourself. The idea is that this conversation will lead you to a resolution – do it or don’t do it. Bonus points: write down your thought process. Some of your thoughts may seem downright silly when written or printed on the page.

The solution for b) You have a task or project that you’re avoiding because you’re ‘stuck’. You know the end goal but not sure how to get there. In this case, think hard and decide on the one next task you need to do. Do the task, then repeat. Bonus points: write down the problems, possible solutions, etc. that you uncover during your problem-solving session. They may help if you get stuck again later.

I hope this answers your question you fictitious questioner who is both no one and everyone.

*a project is a collection or series of tasks

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