Write it the F**K down


You want to be more productive?

Write It Down

You’ll never be very productive if you’re trying to remember the thousand to-dos and ideas bumping around in your head. Stop using your brain to play pointless memory games. Write that stuff down.


You want to make progress on a big, thorny project?

Write It Down

If everything about this project is just in your head, it will be too nebulous and overwhelming. It needs to come out of your head so you can break it down into actionable tasks. Write those tasks down.


Got great ideas on how to improve your business, your life, the WORLD?

Write It The F**K Down

When you write it down, one of two things will happen:
1) It becomes tangible. It’s a project and you can bring it to fruition.
2) It will seem dumb and you’ll drop it.

So what’s the lesson here: seriously, do you really need me to say it again?

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