I have all this other stuff to do for my business too?

Small business finances get complicated. Many small businesses have more responsibilities than just tracking their income and expenses. For instance:

  • Various non-federal tax returns: sales tax, franchise tax, etc.
  • If the business has employees: paying said employees, paying payroll tax to the IRS
  • Paying bills
  • Invoicing clients
  • Contacting clients who have not paid their invoices

Putting aside the dread of completing some tasks (I’m looking at you various tax returns), tracking everything you need to do and when can be a challenge.

One option is to hire a financial organizer (like me *cough*) to organize the when and how for your financial responsibilities.

Another is to rely on a to-do list. But I’m not suggesting the standard, tried & true (and cumbersome) note pad and pencil. If you’re running a business, you need an efficient tool. Take your to-do list online.

Many apps exist to efficiently track your long list of tasks as a business owner. Asana, Trello, Todoist, Any.do are just a few examples. And I appreciate the irony of adding a project to your current to-do list to find, evaluate, and implement a new productivity tool. However, it’s an investment in improved future business operations. The following benefits show how insufficient a pad and paper are when running a complex life.

Set up tasks that repeat

That sales tax return you have to file every quarter? Enter a task once into the app and have it automatically remind you to file that return before the due date.

Out of sight, out of mind for a future task

That follow-up you need to make in three weeks? Enter a task now (to get it out of mind) to automatically remind you to complete the task.

Find completed tasks easily

You need to find if and when you completed a task? These apps have a searchable history to make it convenient.

Save additional information related to a task

Need to make notes about a task for later reference? Add notes (and documents) directly to a task for easy retrieval.

I don’t think I could manage my own business without an online to-do list. You may be in love with your sticky note system, but it doesn’t love you back.

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