How will hiring a Home Office Manager help me?

Each client’s needs are unique. From my list of available services, we can customize a service plan to fit your needs. This will free up your time and make sure the important aspects of your home administration are handled.

Who benefits the most?

People who conduct business in their home office, busy professional couples whose time is already stretched thin, and seniors who have trouble keeping up with their bills or household maintenance benefit most from these services.

How long will you be in my home?

This will vary based on how much help Savvy Home Office Services provides. Savvy Home Office Services commonly visits client’s homes on a weekly, twice a month, or monthly schedule. Each visit is two to six hours (two hour minimum). However, a schedule can be customized to the client’s needs.

Do you handle residential and commercial?

Savvy Home Office Services’ specialty is residential offices, however for small business owners or entrepreneurs, the distinction is often blurred. For very small businesses or start-ups, Savvy Home Office Services can serve as an office manager—consider us a part of your full-time team, just not on your full-time payroll.

Does all my information remain confidential?

Yes! Savvy Home Office Services understands offices contain confidential information, and we will keep your information private.

Are you insured?