Case Studies

Busy mom with a busy business

Sarah has two children, a busy social calendar and manages several rental properties from her home office.  Instead of spending hours sorting through bills, filing paperwork or updating accounting software, Sarah hired Savvy Home Office Services to regularly visit her home office to maintain her office needs.  This allowed Sarah the ability to attend her family events, check-in on her properties and not worry about the challenges of home office management.


Peace of mind for senior couple and their children

Joyce and Larry are an elderly couple in their late seventies. Both of their children live out of state, making it impractical for them to help their parents wade through the mounds of mail they receive each week.  Joyce was always responsible for managing the household, but as she gets older it becomes increasingly more difficult for her to keep track of bills and regular home maintenance. To help Joyce better manage the household, their son Dan set up bi-weekly visits with Savvy Home Office Services.

Joyce no longer feels like she has to shoulder the full the burden of keeping the house on track and the mail in check!


Body Double

Not everyone can sit down and do standard day-to-day tasks. Sometimes all you need is someone there to help you get things done, and that’s exactly what Sabina from Savvy Home Office Services does for Lily. When Sabina sits with her during their regularly scheduled visits, she is better able to focus and finish scheduling her appointments, filing her mail and paying the bills. Sabina helps ensure procrastination remains at bay, and that Lily can get her chores done to get back to doing what she loves—art.