Energetic Audit

I’ve become a little obsessed. I am really intrigued at how mental and physical energy levels ebb and flow during the course of a day. And the book by Daniel Pink – When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing really fed my obsession. (and for you Whovians out there, that’s not Clara’s Danny Pink…) When … More Energetic Audit

Procrastination: The Insidious Destroyer

FAQ: “I have a problem with procrastination. How do I keep it from affecting my work?” Procrastination is insidious. Sure, we first think of those mesmerizing time-drains like Facebook and YouTube as feeding Procrastination. But it can also masquerade as ‘busyness’ – loading our schedule with unimportant tasks that seem important. Regardless of how it … More Procrastination: The Insidious Destroyer

Body Double

What comes to mind when you hear “body double”? Maybe it’s the person that stands in for an actor when they can’t or won’t do something in a scene. In the organizing industry, a body double is someone that helps a client focus on a task.  How do they help?  Usually by occupying space near … More Body Double

Rest & Relaxation

With tax season finished, or at least extended until October, you need a little rest and relaxation.  But you just sent a good chunk of your money to the “United States Treasury”. So some low cost R&R.   Have you tried an adult coloring book?  Likely you’ve seen articles, advertisements, blogs, pins, etc. etc. about … More Rest & Relaxation