A Message of Thanksgiving

I am thankful for money.

WHAAAT?!! YOU CAN’T SAY THAT!!! You have to be thankful for family and health and your pet ferret, Gerald.

But all that takes money. I need money to have a family – kids are expensive. And my health is not free – nutritious food costs money, as does medicine. Exercise could be free, but it usually isn’t.

Don’t misunderstand, money is not the end goal. Money is wish fulfillment; money is freedom.

Money allows me to do and have the things I want. A place to live, more plants, a pet, learn to draw, make handmade paper. All made possible by the glorious contrivance that is money.

And along those lines, I am thankful for my ability to earn money. That I fulfill some wish or freedom for those paying me. Enough that they happily part with their money.

Which brings up a question: would I be as thankful for money if I didn’t earn it?

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