Life in the Time of Coronavirus

My last email said I would be writing the next series of articles about major life changes. But given that most peoples’ priority is coronavirus, I thought I’d share some tactics to evaluate your finances during this time of uncertainty. But even that seemed too heavy and just adding to the heavy news from everywhere else.

So instead, here’s a bad poem to give you a chuckle.


As of now, I’m not sick
Listening to the clock tick

Barricaded in my home
Imagining it covered by a dome

I’ve cleaned every nook
I’ve read every book

Should I go to the park?
Stay there til it’s dark?

Study every tree for its bark?
Revel in the song of every lark?

Nature is cruel and kind
What we search for, we find

I think I will take a stroll
Delight in the solitude for my soul

The fresh air is a balm
Whispering God’s finest psalm

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