The Comfort Zone is the Root of All Ennui

Step out of your comfort zone

Stretch out of your comfort zone


Just in case you’ve never heard this before…But knowing a thing and doing it are very different.

This has never been my strong suit. I am expert at rationalizing ruts. And only shake out of them when forced to.

Ok, so what’s so bad about that? Maybe that’s where it starts. When I look back at my life over the last 5 years, getting out of my comfort zone was motivated by pain avoidance. Starting my own business was a HUGE leap out of my comfort zone. Huge – all caps huge. And just a few years before I would have said that I was not the type to start my own business. My powers of rationalization in action.

And of course, after I’d taken one leap out, I was required to take more in fits and spurts. I learned that my world doesn’t end…completely.

So, when it actually comes to doing the “get out of your comfort zone” thing, you may be tempted to start small. More of a ‘desensitization’ approach. Small, unconnected acts that wear down your resistance or build up your confidence. But there isn’t much of a tangible reward for this type of haphazard action and you’re unlikely to start or continue.

Instead, what if you tried for something bigger – something you really want. Go ‘nuclear’ on your life. Plan and implement some big change in your life that you have always wanted. Don’t be reckless or impulsive – notice I said ‘plan’. This exercise in planning will require you to break down your desire into smaller, actionable tasks. Each task is manageable, and you will be essentially ‘desensitizing’ yourself. But for a larger, tangible reward.

To further help you, here are some mildly motivating “get out of your comfort zone” quotes for your entertainment:

comfort zone quotes

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