Rest & Relaxation

oceanWith tax season finished, or at least extended until October, you need a little rest and relaxation.  But you just sent a good chunk of your money to the “United States Treasury”. So some low cost R&R.

Have you tried an adult coloring book?  Likely you’ve seen articles, advertisements, blogs, pins, etc. etc. about the stress reducing qualities of coloring. Unless you’ve been traveling around the country in one of those tiny houses and are disconnected from social media because of a lack of Wi-Fi signal.  But then you probably aren’t reading this post either…

Anyway, for those of us living ON the grid, I have to say that coloring is fun and relaxing.  Children definitely have the right idea here. Where social and other media fill our brains with junk to stress us out, coloring empties our brains, at least temporarily.

It’s good to have an empty brain sometimes.  Thoughts and ideas are powerful!  They can also be annoying and never ending. Focusing on coloring is a great non-alcohol based way to stop the incessant inner monologue.

If you want to join the trend with the cool people because everybody’s doing it, just search Amazon for “adult coloring book” and prepare to be overwhelmed.

If you’re not ready to commit to a coloring book, try one of Smead’s new coloring file folders.  It will do double duty by helping you relax and store away your 2015 tax return.

Bottom line: Do children stress about IRS audits? NO!  Is it because they don’t understand or are even aware of the complexities of the US tax code? Maybe.  Or maybe it’s the coloring…

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